Chic tranny wearing evening silk dress

February 1st, 2013

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Hello, my naughty sweethearts! You know that your horny TS Adriana Lynn Rush always has something totally mind-blowing in store for you. Right you are! Here is my recent photoset idea that came out of nowhere when I was choosing the dress for a decent cherry party. High heels and soft brownish silk look very sensual together, no wonder I wanted to play with my hot body and take off every scrap of cloth I had on. Enjoy another nude photoset and write me how hard you were watching it!

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Sexy ketchup fantasy from Adriana

July 3rd, 2012

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Hello, my sweet candies! I know that you are so juicy that I always feel like tasting you and swallowing you whole! But this time I had the idea of making me, your naughty TS Adriana Lynn, absolutely delicious. I gave it some positive thinking and realized that jam and honey are not the best dressing for a curvy girl like me. I have too much hot flesh to offer you! And flesh is the best when it is a little spicy! Meet my new arousing nude photoset and let me know what you think about it!

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Breathtaking shemale Adriana playing Geisha

June 3rd, 2012

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Howdy, my naughty admirers! You are right to expect hot updates from your kinky little TS Adriana! After watching the film ‘Geisha’ I felt an irresistible urge to try on the image of a cool, smart and exceptionally beautiful girl that I have seen on the screen. I must confess, my nude geisha is somewhat kinkier and hotter, but all that same, I enjoyed creating the sexy oriental image & sitting for it. I hope you will become hard watching my geisha photoset! Write me about your impressions.

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Hot TS bitches Adriana and Kelly Clare come together

May 3rd, 2012

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Hi, horny guys! Have you been missing me lately? I’ve been busy having a good time with my old friend Kelly Clare! When this hot boisterous bitch with a big dick comes around, your humble Adriana Lynn Rush cannot help throwing the cap over the mill! Well, this time Kelly showed up with a wild photoset idea. We have spent some time scavenging the malls and finally we were ready to put on our brand new lingerie and start showing off in front of the cam! Check out my best blue-and-black photoset!

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Perfect Tranny Adriana Lynn launches her personal website

April 3rd, 2012


Big hello from your happy TS Adriana Lynn Rush, my dear perverts! Finally it happened! I can inform you that my personal xxx website is ready and we have launched it today! I am drunk with champagne and pure emotions. Now I will be able to upload my hottest pics and vids and communicate with you online any time I want. Please, appreciate my brand new website and write me whether you like it or not. Let me know if you wish to see any site improvements. I do need your encouragement to keep going!

Playful tranny invites you to her shemale club

April 3rd, 2012

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Hi, my desirous freaks! Believe it or not, but it is very hard to be different from the rest of the world. People want you but shun you! I found the place where every shemale feels at home and reveals the brightest sides of her talents, sexuality and beauty. Check out my first nude photoset within the club! It is very explicit and sensual – you will see every curve and hot spot of my body. Please, let me know whether you like me wearing little black dress and getting rid of it to show my cock!

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Kinky shemale Adriana Lynn as a hot fetish fan

April 2nd, 2012

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Howdy, tireless cowboys! Those who know me long enough remember what happens when I get bored. I go to the bar, find a lustful stag there and take him to my favorite spot – the cellar of my friend’s house – without mentioning that I have a big tool in my panties! I love taking pics while my silly lover enjoys my high heels, pantyhosed legs, perfect boobs and leather-bound butt! The moment I treasure is the wild look in his eyes when he gets hold of my throbbing cock! Enjoy the kinky view with me.

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Breathtaking tranny shows her boobs and cock

April 2nd, 2012


Hello, my wicked-minded friends! You know, I love demonstrating my hot dual nature. When you see perfect full orbs like your little humble shemale Adriana Lynn Rush has, you are aching to see a tight wet pussy about 15 inches below. Admit it, it always gives you pleasurable creeps to behold my immaculate shiny dick instead! Let me introduce my new explicit photoset showing every detail of my body. Watch me getting rid of my bra and panties and letting you see my furtive intimate spots aching for action.


Vicious shemale Adriana arranges hot kitchen show

April 2nd, 2012

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Howdy, hot fellows! How do you like cooking? As for me, eating is better than spending hours with a spoon & a ladle in your hands! I have a wonderful kitchen, but I seldom use it – the only frequented thing is a fridge! Today I decided to turn my humble kitchen into the background of my mind-blowing photoset. Believe it or not, mixing eggs and sugar together for my future pie made me really hot! I would like you to watch my new pics and give me your piece of mind as to what kind of cook I am :)

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